Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

27 September 2009

Let's Swim

Not. That's Jens yesterday. He likes water. He likes having a splash but something happened last weekend at the pool that disheartened him about swimming. I left his floaties at home and had to get back and while I was away, he and Daddy went in the pool. He was quite happy splashing and dropping on his face and at one time, it took Mcj a bit longer to take him out. He now detest it - I hope it won't last long.

He had swimming lesson yesterday and all the while we were in the water, he was screaming. We didn't have any lessons at all. But we'll pursue it until he's over his fear.

He likes the playground there though, it's worth coming over.

Look, how much he has grown up. If he's an adult, a liporexall would be necessary to get ride of that big fat belly. Lol.


20 September 2009

How's Your Weekend Everyone?

I'm having a break from a very hectic day. Yeah. That's the reward for being spontaneous.

I didn't do any washing yesterday, thinking of doing it today. Last night, I planned to have a quick trip to the shops to grab a moisturiser - one of my moisturisers are running out. Then, Mcj decided to have a quick trip to the pool. So I did went to the shops alone - which I had a hard time looking as it wasn't there at all. I had a good time doing a quick retail therapy - bought a new type of moisturiser (and cheap, too) and two brand of fragrances (and they are marked down as well). If only life insurance rates are like them.

Then, off to the pool.

And I forgot the floaties. Had to get back to the house then when I got back to father and son, Jens had a fright on the water already. Ended up in tears. So we decided to have lunch and Jens played in the playground - I haven't transferred the photos yet, still in my camera.

It was fun - but I'm a big exhausted being a superwoman. Hahaha.

18 September 2009

Bigger Guy

Jens' recent snap at the Brisbane River Festival. He was having so much fun despite the din and the crowd. He wasn't even overwhelmed - it's like a normal day for him to be among the throngs of people going to different directions. He was so mature.

He's very independent now - wants to carry his bag by himself. Wants to dash off when dropped off to "school". It's amazing how much he learn in a span of 2 years and 3 months.

He constantly amaze and amuse us with his antics. Oh, don't forget the smart remarks.

Raving about him makes me forget that I have to do the insurance quote opps. Really, ooppssss.


Your Gemstone is Aquamarine

Intuitive, tranquil, and trusting.

You inspire others to have faith in themselves.

Trusting? It's a conflicting thing. I don't give all out very easily but if I like the person, I trust very deeply.

Intuitive? Enough to think of colon cleanse stuff? Maybe not, but I do mull things over most of the times.

And I like to be inspiring. I will aspire to be.

My Little Shopper

For plenty of reasons, Jens likes going to the shop. He now knows where we turn to go to the shop from his day care. And most of the time, we pass that intersection he would yell out from the back - shops. I know the reason why? The Wiggles ride. He's really so eager these days to get there. I went shopping the other night and he had a crying fit just to go with me. I don't like driving at night because of those blaring lights of the other cars on the opposite road so I left him with Dad.

See him on top of the shopping trolley? The father and son just like having fun and fooling around the shops. We have a full trolley - car booster, Jens' new chariot, Mummy's car accessories and some toys.

Oh, it wouldn't be long that my little shopper will turn into "I want this - I want that" madman. I don't look forward to it. :D

The Latest Chariot

I've mentioned before that we left his pram in the Philippines when we last went there. It was just heavy for me to push and he'll grow out of it any time soon anyway. Plus, it doesn't fold out pretty nifty.

Jens had been pram-less for over two months. Then, we saw this stroller - something that I really want to have at a lower cost - maybe not as sturdy as steel buildings but will do on suburban roads. We bought it. And The Tatapilla had a ride around the place to try it on - as if it was his first time to ride a stroller or pram. Well, that's why it's always nice to be a kid - appreciates little things and big things as well.

Psssttt. Don't mind our messy lawn - it's winter and grass are not growing so we're trying to save up fuel for the mower. Haha.

06 September 2009


My punk kid. He thought he is a rocker or Mummy wanted him to think he is. The guitar is one of his latest toys - which he got tired after a couple of days. But the sunnies are all-time favourites. We bought them in the Philippines and he calls them his bikie glasses - he really thought, he's a bikie.


It's been pretty quite for us this week. Jens was ill and have to stay home for 3 days last week. I was a bit ill also but manageable. Father's day is same old, same old. Mummy cooked all the meals today - brekkie, lunch and dinner.

Trying to get ready to work later but have to do the Seattle personal injury lawyer opp first. Oh, did I say that I really enjoy driving these days?