Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

24 October 2009

At The Shops

We dropped by Chemist before we head to the Supermarket today. Jens wanted to sit on the waiting chair there. I went to look for the lotion that I want to buy. When I came back, Jens was clutching a couple of catalogue in his armpit. It's like his portfolio. He's acting like an adult. Really cute.

At the Supermarket, he wanted to choose the grapes and water melon himself. Imagine how many do I have to pick before I got the right one.

There's a little toy section at the supermarket that we always check out - it's next to nappies (sorry copper kitchen sinks in there). He wanted to go down as he was sitting on the trolley. I knew his intention but I still let him. He picked-up a front-loader tractor and played with it but I told him that I won't buy it for him as we just bought him new toys last weekend. He told me "I'll just hold it 4 minutes". And so he did while I went to get some ice cream. He then decided to play chase-y as he wanted to take the toy home. But I know he just wanted to have fun. I promised him that we're going to buy another Barney DVD so that settled him.

Shopping for us has a new level. I know it'll get better or worse.

All Natural

I thought I have found the right lotion for me and Jens. I've been swapping brands since I came here - what with the changing weather, my skin can't cope. I've been using the Vaseline and Jens, Johnson Natural. It's quite good but only works for a couple of hours. Plus, my lotion doesn't really moisturise the creases on my sole. You would say, I should use a proper foot lotion. I do. It's just that foot lotion are very sticky - makes me feel hot and sweaty.

But I tried my MIL's lotion one time and I like it. It's all natural and not sticky. The only thing I can find fault is the smell, but it's still pleasant as it smells of herbs.

It's quite dear compare to your usual body lotion but I think, it is worth it just like Nespresso. Might be dearer but the benefit is double than those the usual brands.

New Word:Special

Jens is really quick on the uptake and learning new words. He's english is so colourful now.

This morning he was talking about lollies (Mum is a bad influence, buying lollies).

Jens: My lolly is special, for me (tapping his chest with his hand).

Then, when we were at his swimming lesson, I need to bribe him inorder he'll behave. He's too handful for me especially when in the water. He told me, I should give him a special price.

Today, is the first day for me to hear the word special.

23 October 2009

Some Hit Home

...especially the last part - not the vices of course, unless it is in live chat, I'd admit I've been hooked when Mcj and I were living apart.

You Are Traditional and Dependable

You view the world with childlike wonder. You are very inquisitive. You can help but spy, investigate, and ask questions.

You are a natural communicator and facilitator of harmony. You value peace above everything else.

You're high strung and have a bit of an addictive personality. You have many vices.

You seek security in your life. Feeling safe is important to you.


Product Recall

..for dummies or pacifier.

Recently, there are 14 brands of dummies that were recalled by one of the states here. The safely shields of some of the dummies are not big enough to prevent it from lodging into babies' throat. Some has too small ventilation holes that may block the airways of the baby. Some did not have secure teats or rings.
The recalled dummies are:
- Crib Mates 2 Pack Pacifier
- Soother Baby Pacifiers
- AQIN Potato Dummy.
- Toys Dummy
- Apple Baby New Series of Infant Necessities Baby Dummy
- Smile Bear 3 Piece Nipples Soother and Chain BN1061
- Happy Angel Dummy
- Smile Bear Baby Necessaries Pacifier
- Apply Baby Necessities 333
- Ai-Non PN 129
- Pinkie Baby's Best Need D014 Dummy
- Pinkie "Oh, my first kiss" D006 Dummy
- Apple Healthy Baby Pacifier BW2235
- Pigeon Silicone Pacifier "Step 2" 5 months plus.

Thank God, we didn't have this worry then. Jens never learn how to suck a dummy when he was little.

Credit: Yahoo7

20 October 2009

Snippets and One Liners

Here are some snippets of conversations with Jens or his one liners.

Striking a conversation.
What you doing, Mum? Washing the dishes. What you doing, Mum? Talking to you. What you doing, Mum? We then talk of many things..

Finish your breakfast.
I’ve had enough. I’m finished.

What do you want for dinner?
No veggies.

No pat bottom. (when Mcj is trying to put him to sleep.)

Do you want baby sister?
No. I want baby cakes.

Where does Mummy work?
In the train.

Where did you leave your shoes?
Burpengary. (our suburb)

Let’s brush your peggies (while I’m holding his toothbrush).
It’s my turn (to brush his teeth, that is).

How much do you weigh?
Too much. Sometimes he’ll say “Two minutes”.

I asked him to ask his Granddad, if he wants coffee.
Do you want coffee, Roy? (That’s what I call my father-in-law).

Let’s go to sleep.
I just wake up, four minutes.

He was trying to get me up the bed.
Mum, five minutes up. (I usually beg another 5 minutes in bed).

He was trying to convince me to get baby cakes at the shops.
Mum, last one (with one finger up).

Wanting to buy more balls at the shop.
Mum, get me balls.

Tonight, out in the backyard.
Planes gone. Another one coming up. Another one not coming up.

Jens can be a chatter box sometimes. One time, an elderly lady at the shops noticed him talking non-stop and she asked how old Jens is. I said, 2 years and 2 months and she said, he’s too little to be talking. I think, she meant of Jens talking the way he is – like an adult. I really didn’t baby talked him when he was little plus mingling with older kids at day care help expand his vocabulary at a rocket pace.


19 October 2009

Jens' Favourite Food

You Are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.

You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.

Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

I know it's not good for him but a treat every now and then won't hurt, would it?

Having Fun

I’m starting to be like a blue-fly on weekends. I’m not saying that I wasn’t busy before. It’s just that we have added a routine of Jens’ swimming lesson on Saturdays. It’s not for how to burn fat for him - yeah, he’s bulky but he’s cute. Kids need to have a bit of fat as a buffer for when they get sick.

My friend said, he’s too young to have a swimming lesson. It’s not that we want him to be an athlete. It just might save his life in the future. Living in the sunshine state means always at the beach or at the pool during warmer days.

Jens enjoyed the 2nd lesson and I believe, that’s what matters most. And I’m getting the taste of how it is to have an athletic or active kid – lesson here and there on weekends.


Biggest Disaster So Far

Two weekends ago, we had the biggest disaster concerning Jens since he was born.

He got into one of the cupboards where his Nans kept her daily medication for blood pressure and blood thinning. The container wasn’t childproof and the colour is pink which makes it more attractive to him. He might have thought, they were lollies. I found him shaking the bottle and the tablets all over the floor. He had some residue on his mouth and smeared some on his face.

I panicked and screamed. I washed his mouth right away.

We called the Poison Information Centre and was advised to take Jens to the hospital in the next 24 hours as the effect of the poison won’t be felt or seen for another three days. The hospital can give him something to counteract the effect.

With our heart pumping so fast, we dashed to the hospital right away. Jens was his usual self. You can’t fault him really. He’s just such an angel.

At the hospital emergency, Jens went through some physical checkup. The doctor on duty, initially told us that they can’t do anything as of that hour. True to what the Poison Info Centre said, there’s nothing to be done yet. He has to see the GP in three days time and get blood test done.

We waited for the referral and the doctor came back to tell us that after a thorough reading of the poison information they have, they can give Jens vitamin K and no need to see the GP anymore. We were relieved when told that the possibility of Jens ingesting the amount of the tablet that will give him an adverse effect is quite low as he doesn’t chew medications at all. Plus, the tablet taste awful that I doubt, he could have swallowed what he chewed.

We left the hospital happy and dandy – armed with every possible lesson learned plus not using our Medicare supplement insurance.


05 October 2009

Back on the Pool

I'm really gladthis weekend that Jens is back on the pool again after the disaster he had three weeks ago.

We enrolled him on a swimming lesson and the first time was just a "crying" lesson. He cried the whole time, not wanting to go away from me. There was so much drama. My heart breaks.

We decided last weekend to postpone it as we don't want to waste anymore money. We thought that getting to the pool without pressure might help him overcome his trauma and it did. He likes it better.

He'll have another lesson next weekend - getting ready for more time under the sun (and maybe when we get to orlando condos and have some more fun).

01 October 2009

Product Recall

RETAILER Big W has recalled urgently 27 styles of boys' and girls' sleepwear incorrectly labelled as having a low fire danger.

Fabric tests showed the styles, from the Pink Sugar and Bed Bugs Girls Single Nighties range and the Selected Sleepwear Nite Club Boys Nightwear range, failed flammability standards.

The clothes were found to ignite and burn more quickly than allowed under the "low fire danger" tag.

Parents are urged to check their children's sleepwear, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said.

Big W is offering a full refund for items from the affected range, which have since been pulled from the shelves.



10 Things To Do Before Ten

Thought of sharing these tips:
1. Reading & Writing Intensive Phonics; Copywork; start English Language Notebook
2. Oral Narration Daily
3. Memorization Bible; poetry; passages of literature; Greek and/or Hebrew alphabet
4. Hearing & Listening Read aloud 2 hours per day from a variety of fiction and nonfiction; start History Notebook; timeline
5. Family Worship Family Bible study morning and evening using grammar level questions
6. Arts & Crafts Provide the time, space, and materials; develop creativity
7. Field Trips & Library Start learning elementary library research; investigate the world
8. Work & Service Schedule for chores; visit nursing home, etc.
9. Discipline First-time obedience
10. Play & Exploration Develop the imagination

The bottom line of all these tips is about educating our child, theoretically and balanced it with exposure to the real world.

Mcj and I are great believers of education.

The “school” gave us a toy catalogue and I saw golf play set. I asked Mcj if we can buy one. He said, I don’t want to encourage him to do anything that I want him to do. I want Jens to be educated to be able to figure out what he wants for himself.