Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

29 November 2009

Whys and Apologise

Recently, we've been inundated with why's. It's really funny as one simple talk can last up to 5 minutes with Jens asking why when I finish explaining. I read that normally, whys would arise when the kid is 3 years old and our Tatapilla here is just 2 years and almost 5 months.

Anyway, I'd like to apologise to those who visited this blog for the past couple of days and saw that my header didn't work. One of my accounts was suspended. I should really work on secure online backup
and get a copy of all tje data I have online. Who knows what are those.

Little Helper

I’ve been to Orgjunkie again and found these very insightful and helpful tips on how to teach kids to be organised. This trait or habit if you may call it that is very essential in the place where we live – where help is not really affordable (for us that is).

Here are some developmentally appropriate examples of chores for the 2-to-4-year-old age group that you might use if you want to adapt the TV incentive:

• Unloading the dishwasher. Watch for sharp knives!
• Putting away toys/games when finished with them. Try to label boxes/tubs/drawers with pictures and words so even the littlest children (and visitors to your home) know where everything goes.
• Putting PJs under their pillow.
• Feeding fish.
• Clearing dishes from the table. Learning to carry plates carefully teaches caution and respect for objects.
• Folding small items like washcloths and hand towels. Do teach the proper way to fold; this will take longer the first few times, but then you can delegate the task entirely.


Responsible organizational habits and routine
Immediate incentive
TV is a privilege, not a right
Paper makes system clear, hopefully fewer battles
Reward is not a sweet
Priorities first

Jens has been very good with putting away stuff after using them. He has lots of bath toys and he’s been “packing away” them without being told when he’s finished having a bath. He puts used utensils on the sink. He keeps his toys away – this is a painful process (for me watching him) as he puts back everything that he has taken out of the box piece by piece. Imagine how many trips and how long does it takes as he has 2 sets of blocks among others. It is exercise enough that weight loss diet is not necessary – if done by adults.

He is at the age when helping is always fun and he is finding his independence. My little boy is slowly turning into a big guy, really.


26 November 2009

Fruit Bat

Your Name Comes From Jupiter

You are an open-minded, adventurous person who has an expansive view of the world.
You are quite cosmopolitan, and inflexibility of any wort really turns you off.
You're outgoing, warm, and jovial. You are willing to welcome all newcomers into your life.
You celebrate life every single day. There's so much to learn and do. You love to take it all in.

I took this test in behalf of The Tatapilla for fun. Oh well, I just hope he will turn half of what was said if anything at all and I’d be happy as a lark.

Anyway, since the weather started to get warm he is back to being a fruit bat. For some reason that I didn’t realise then, three months ago he turned his nose up on fruit that he used to love. Later, I deduced that it must be the cold weather that turned-off his appetite on fruit. Now, he is on it again – banana, grapes, water melon, rock melon, plums, etc. Just as well, as the fruit are in abundance these days. They’re yummy and juicy. Yet, with all this fruit eating, The Tatapilla hasn’t lost his big fat belly (which makes him look cute). If he’s an adult Stimerex ES would be on the shopping list to get rid of the love handles. But, I reckon Jens needs those curves as a buffer for when the next bug hits.

And What Are the Latest?

Guitar. He’s been watching The Wiggles for quite sometime now and we bought him a small guitar over a month ago. But it was just last night when he started being a rocker. Although, he mimics the Red Wiggle who is not a rock star, Jens plays with his guitar like he is one. He’s been rounding the kitchen and lounge room last night. I took some video of him doing his stint on the bed but it isn’t good enough as he keeps on grabbing the cam as he wanted to see himself. This gives me the idea for his Christmas gift – The Wiggles guitar.

Concern. When he sees that you are wincing or heard you grunt, he’ll look you in the eyes and ask “You alright?” with a genuine look of concern. It is very touching. When you ask him, if he is alright, he’ll say “I’m just alright” while tapping his chest.

Politeness. He’s been saying “Thanks”, “Thank you, “Your welcome”, “Please” already. But these days, he’s using them in more complicated scenarios. Last night, I offered him milk and he said, “No thanks, I’m full”. But he didn’t say No to an ice cream. Lol. (It’s been very hot lately and our 4396710 filter is really put into test).

Why. From what I read, he’s quite ahead of his age when it comes to answering and asking questions. One evening, he wanted to have a 2nd ice cream. I asked him “why would I give you another one?”. He said, “Coz, I’m smart”. I was out-witted. Lol. He’s been asking “why” for the past two days now. So far, they’re just easy to answer. I’m excited as well as dreadful of the day when the “why’s” are never ending.


07 November 2009

At The Pool

It's Jens' last session today at the pool. I didn't enroll him in another class as I really think that he can learn how to swim on his own when we'll just frequent the pool.

I found out today that he already closes his eyes when under water. He likes it when he goes under. The funny thing is, when he is on his back instead of kicking his legs he automatically crosses them. That's what he does usually.

Now, I won't get pressured to wake up early and get our washing down before 9am every Saturday. We can just have a trip to the pool when ever we want to. No pressure, no stress. Life should be simple as the circuit city would provide.

New Wet Suit

His old togs are still good but I bought this new one as we're going to use when we go to Sydney anyway. His oldies have runs on them so I think he would ne needing a new one. Besides, these newbies looks good on him. It's a shame I didn't get any photos of him. He'd worn them today in his swimming lesson.

I bought them at the shop but I saw them first online. The price is just the same but of course I have to dip another 10 bucks for the shipping should I buy online. It was during one of our trips with just Jens and I (with our cell phones ready, incase we got lost).

01 November 2009

Guess What?

That's Jens' opening line for striking a converstation. Make it sound like "Guess Whot?". Kids are really funny these days, especially mine. He can talk back easily of what he was just told.

Just this morning, I told him that he is turning into a TV junkie as he watches "The Wiggles" before and after sleep. He told me, "I not a tv junkie!"

And he is Mr. Independent now to the 10th level. He doesn't want me to help him on anything like plucking his corn off the cob, taking the brush off the pan, getting off the car, or climbing the stairs. I wonder when he wants to apply for jobs like philadelphia pa jobs in the future, if he would solicit my advice. It's really scary as if he doesn't need us anymore. Oh well, there's the pros and cons.

Cutting Molars

One day last week, Jens woke up in the morning with slight fever but clingy and whiny. I was baffled as he was a happy chappy before he went to sleep the night before. He doesn’t have any symptoms of cold or flu, either.

I realised the cause when he didn’t ask for a toast, like he used to and didn’t want to drink milk. He is teething. I’ve felt his lower molars about a fortnight ago but just brushed it off my mind. They now have cut into his gums and I can’t really imagine how painful it is as I don’t have a memory of having excruciating toothache, but with his age and the size of tooth that’s coming out of his gums let alone two at a time, must have been “hell” as what we adults call it – very far from a holiday feeling even if it’s not close to orlando vacations type.

I took a day off work as I feel he needs some TLC plus Daddy won’t be able to tend to him the whole day as he has a meeting with the accountant.

A dose of Panadol every 4 or so hours and lots of cuddles did it. He’s now back to day care.


I Belong To You

Dinner time. I usually, give Jens dinner before serving ours, that so I can supervise him lest he’ll just muck around with his food. Although, he can feed himself quite good, sometimes, he needs coaxing and bribing in order to finish his veggies.

He was playing up – telling me he’s had enough of his dinner even if he had just downed less than half of it. I sort of told him that if he’s really good, I might give him some treats. Out of the blue, he said “I belong to you”. Sort of like saying that he’s my little boy and that he’ll get what he wants.

It’s funny how he says that sentence, with emphasis on To You with finger pointing.

He’s really excellent in his vocabulary (deserves a ski vacation – if he’s already an adult). Everyday, new word, new sentence, new phrase. It never stops to amaze me the speed that he is learning things.

Sometimes, I wonder how he can assimilate things and words even if he heard it once and in a different context. I guess I’ll just have to stop underestimating the power of kids to learn at a rocket speed – especially my kid.