17 December 2009

You Are A Reindeer

You are a solid, dependable person. You are more likely to act than talk.

You have a lot of endurance and grit. You can work well into the night if you need to.

You are cooperative and competent. You like being part of a team, especially if everyone is pulling their weight.

You are energetic and hyper. You don't like to stay still for to long, and you're always ready to go somewhere new!

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13 December 2009
Jens’ Christmas Party at “School”
Mcj was so tired after a hard day at work that it’s just me and Jens there, of course, apart from the others.

Jens liked the Santa “Clown” and the snow cone which he called ice block/cream. We had sausages and lollies.

The party is organised by the day care centre and they spend their own money on it. I’ve heard that most centres don’t organise an even like it. It’s the own initiative of Happy Times.

We capped our night with queuing for the characters balloons that the Santa “Clown” makes for everyone which was quite a feat as I have to heap-up Jens so he can get in line (which makes me very tired and felt like I just did a cross country moving companies in the morning).

Jens’ has a close friend at school named S. We were invited to her birthday party last week and we sort of like formed a good friendship with her parents. We caught up with each other while our kids are playing. The two are just really close. Look at them.

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My Customer
In the span of 4 days, I baked banana cake twice. The first one last Saturday and Jens had the last slice Monday night. It was so moist because I put a fair amount of butter in it. We really liked it. After stuffing a big chunk on his mouth so I won’t share with it, Jens wanted some more so I baked another one last Monday night. This time, it was very heavy (if there’s such term) and moist as I didn’t put much flour in it. We ate it when it was steaming hot. It was very yummy. I had the last slice last night and wanted to bake another lot but I was a bit tired.

If we’re home early tonight from Jens’ Christmas Party, I might use the oven again. I bought more than 3 kilos of banana again last night. I’m on roll in baking. I really want to try my hand on baking some fancy recipes and what a fun way it is to go when there’s somebody who loves your concoction. I have so many recipes to try on but for now, I’ll just stick to one that I know is a hit (like aruba hotels to those who want to bask in the sun).

It really feels nice to bake or cook when you know there are somebody to eat it aside from yourself.

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04 December 2009
Rock On

This is Jens' latest activity to keep him active and healthy (without the aid of best weight loss pills). He copied it from the Red Wiggle - Murray. He always have this guitar when he's watching video. It's funny how kids emulate adults. He particularly likes the song Murray's Guitar Saved the World. It's one of the piece in the Hot Poppin' Popcorn (which Jens called Popcorn Popcorn).

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Water and Play
Last weekend, we went to a bbq (birthday party not first communion invitations). I know that Jens should be over with the "shy" phase but he still is. I think, that's his attitude now. It takes quite a while for him to warm up with other people that he don't see often.

While the other kids are having fun with the inflatable pool in the backyard he was playing with something else. He was still sort of hiding from them. Just when some have left, he started to mingle. He dip in the pool as well though the water was a bit murky.

We were just a few blocks from the beach so we decided to have a short trip. A trip that turned out to be more than an hour as he got caught up with all the rides at the park.

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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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