Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

28 December 2010

4th Christmas

This year is the 4th Christmas for The Tatapilla since he was born. This year he is really aware of Santa Claus and had asked many things from him - although, I gave the idea to his head on what to ask. He asked and he got them all.

He received Winnie the Pooh, a watch, goggles and a medicine kit. They are all well appreciated.

His nanna and poppy bought him a racing car bed. It was assembled on Christmas Eve while he was asleep and was put in it while still asleep. When he woke up in the morning, he was so surprised. First thing he said was, is this my room? Then, has Santa been here? Third, had this got a steering wheel? I'll post photos when I get them from my phone - the batter is currently flat.

The bed is a complete ensemble of car themed bedroom - night light, bed sheets and the bed. We were asked if we need mattress protector but he uses the toilets well.


12 December 2010

The Wiggles Concert

Yesterday, we went to see The Wiggles at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. The weather was nice when we left the house. But there was a storm moving south and drove through and to it. It was horrible. The road was slippery and of course, the visibility was almost nil. Plus there were silly drivers who will overtake you and then cut you off really close - in wet weather.

We had a ball. Altough, we all know the song.. it's different watching them live. It was fun. We'll surely do it again next year and I'll make sure that we get the front seat (there's no worry of wearing protective glasses as the closest you'll get will be roses for Dorothy).

Christmas Party 2010

This is the last christmas party for The Tatapilla in his kindy school as we are moving him to a new kindy come New Year. This new school is really close to our home and if one has time, a car is not really necessary.

This year Christmas Party was like the other party in the previous years. Sausage sizzle, snow cones, balloons, a clown, side show alley. And the best thing is we didn't pay a cent. I believe, it's the centre management way of saying thank you to the parents. It's not just limited to the parents as well. You can bring guests as long as you let the centre know. It's very casual as well, one can wear rocawear jeans if they prefer. I came their straight from work so I was wearing my work clothes.

The Tatapilla had fun playing in the playground. One would thought that he's there everyday, he'll be tired of it. But no, it's like new to him. Kids! Need I say more?

06 December 2010

Photo with Santa

Sunday afternoon, The Tatapilla and I went to the shops just to see Santa Claus. Before leaving the house we talked that he can have his photo taken sitting on Santa's lap but he won't be shy and he readily agreed. He was so excited while we were queuing up but when it was time to take photos, he was in "sooky" mood. The photographer used a stuffed puppet to amuse him. I was tempted to tell her that The Tatapilla can't be amuse by such things anymore, except maybe of lollies. :)

Anyway, all went well and the photos that I took of him were all quite good.

We did a little bit of bit of retail therapy and I bought him some lollies, much to his delight. Sometimes, I'm thinking of buying him some appetite suppressant pills for his sweets-craving. It's all my fault though because I am not consistent. Oh well, that's by the by.

27 November 2010

The Latest with The Wiggles

Dorothy joins with Santa Claus in a brand new show propelled by fun, music and dancing and written by Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field. Join Dorothy the Dinosaur, a graduate of RADD (Royal Academy of Dinosaur Dancing), along with her friends Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus as they have the best Christmas party ever! You’ll meet Santa’s elves, Fernie and Poppie, and Elfis the rock ‘n’ roll elf who sings 'Shaky Shaky' and 'Rockin’ Santa!' Dorothy delights us with 'One, Two, Three, Four, Five' and 'Sing with Me'. Santa himself sings 'Jingle Bells'! 'Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Rockin’ Christmas' is a rosalicious romp that will get your tinsel toes a-tapping!

Track list
1) I’m Dorothy the Dinosaur!
2) One, Two, Three, Four, Five
3) Elfis Is in the House!
4) Shaky Shaky
5) Must Be Santa
6) Six Months in a Leaky Boat
7) Decorate the Tree
8) Go Santa Go
9) Jingle Bells
10) Sing with Me
11) Rockin’ Santa!
12) Dorothy’s Christmas Medley
13) Jeff’s Christmas Tune (Goodbye)

This is my sort of countdown to our day for going to see The Wiggles. There's no nanocleanse scheduled as during that week, we will be very busy. I can't wait.

Summer is Here

Your Summer Sense is Smell

You are a very sensitive person, and you are especially tuned into your sense of smell.
You pick up on subtleties that others seem to miss. You can sense summer coming on before anyone else can.
For you, there's nothing like the smell of a hot grill or freshly mowed grass - preferably at the same time.

And the ultimate summer smell experience has got to be the beach. There's something intoxicating about the smell of the ocean!

We'll it's been here for sometime now but the weather has been fickle that sometimes, I tend to rug up as the wind blows like it's winter. Summer is starting in 4 days and I can't wait for it to be well underway so we can finally get our acts together and hit the pool or the beach. Thank God, we don't have to worry about body acne treatments or shedding some pounds to wear our togs.

Little Conversations

The Tatapilla: Do you know Leslie (his friend from school).
Me: No, I don't.
The Tatapilla: Have you met his Mum?
Me: I believe I don't.


The Tatapilla: Hayden is not going to Happy Times anymore.
Me: Why?
The Tatapilla: Because he's just going there on Tuesday and Wednesday (he could be making up the days).
Me: It will happen to you too. Next year, you are going to Little Diggers just down the road.
The Tatapilla: Oh yeah, I won't be able to see my friends anymore.
Me: Maybe, we can arrange that you meet them somewhere.
The Tatapilla: That could be a great idea.


The Tatapilla now talks and converse like an adult and sometimes, I'm dumbfounded when I hear them talk some words that I don't expect to hear from him. I suppose, I'll just have to take everything in stride. Be thankful for now that he's not talking of colon cleanser. I might dread the moment, or NOT.

Our Little Helper

The Tatapilla has been wanting to eat chocolate/iced block early in the morning. In fairness, he had his breakfast then. So Daddy made a deal that he can have iced block after helping hanging up the washing, which The Tatapilla readily obliged. He actually had fun doing it especially as a bench was put for him to step on and be able to reach the pegs.

This is one of my favourite photos of him. Something that I can use for baby thank you cards when I'm going to send one, someday.

25 November 2010

Go Wild

I'm having 12 days off in total this coming holidays. The Tatapilla will also stay home with me - bonding time for the family. Although, The Tatapilla is very easy to amuse and please, planning ahead will not hurt I reckon. My colleague found a sale for the Go Wild entry pass with almost 70% off. Not much but it is good value for money. I read one review about the place and it was positive - a cleaning roaming around and I'm sure some medical cart stashed away.

The question now is if we're going there on my holiday or make it a play date with my colleague's kids. We'll see.


21 November 2010


I went to the shops yesterday without The Tatapilla. I was lucky he agreed to stay home. I wondered around for almost 2 hours and bought almost all the stuff that I really want. The santa workshop is already setup at the shops and I think, it would be something that The Tatapilla can be excited about. Forget about htc desire reviews, I'm sure he will and I planned on taking him there next weekend if we have time.

Birthday gifts

One night, The Tatapilla and I were talking about birthday gifts, his birthday gifts since his first. I enumerated them - trike, big car and bike. I asked him what does he wants for his next birthday. He said, dolphins so he can put them in his pockets and show them to his friends and say, surprise! I just had to smile. I think, it's about time we go to Seaworld or somewhere dolphins are frequenting. No ipods, just live dolphins. Maybe, I'll just look for a stuffed dolphin sometimes.

18 November 2010


You Are a Crab

You can be an emotional and sensitive creature. Things get to you.

You are a bit withdrawn and shy, but you're also willing to come out of your shell sometimes.
You are quite flexible and easy going if your trust is earned. You like to observe quietly.
You move with the rhythm of life. You try not to fight anything.

Speaking of sea animals, The Tatapilla and I were talking about his birthday gifts since his first. I asked him what he wants for his next birthday and he said " dolphins. I can put them in my pockets and show them to my friends and say surprise!"

Now the plan would be to either buy stuffed dolphin or take him to seaworld or to the beach where dolphins show at some point - I just know the place. So, cigars are out of the question, eh.

Whopping 2000

Piggy banks have been used for centuries to save money, and more recently, to teach children the merits of saving portions of their allowances.

The often-cute devices are typically made of clay or porcelain and rarely, if ever, incite controversy – but, of course, that may be because they are typically made of clay or porcelain.

Thecheeky.com’s piggy bank is made of a real piglet, but fear not, pleads the site: The animals were turned into piggy banks after dying of natural causes.

“It’s a real piglet that has been taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug,” the Vancouver-based site said, using an altered photograph of a live piglet in its pitch.

Would you buy something like this for that amount? It's unique and nice and only if I have more than enough money to spare. It's not like insomnia treatments that I will loose sleep if I can't have it. But hey, if you can afford why not? It's a novelty.

14 November 2010

Not at All

You Are Bitter

You aren't bitter at the world, even though you have a strong personality.
Instead, you are sophisticated and cultured. You appreciate acquired tastes.
You are very powerful. You have the ability to change a room's energy.
While some may find you disagreeable, your points of view are intelligent and interesting.

But I'm drinking bitter coffee that my hubs made me with donut. I'm sort of rilling when I learned that our previous year car insurance provider renewed our car insurance this year without even telling us (although they provide cheap car insurance, we still felt rob as they just debited our credit card. Mcj is very busy that he cant have time to ring them. I might try to do so later.


Snippets of Conversation

with The Tatapilla. I can't remember what series is this anymore. There are just so many.

Me: You need to have your nanna nap.
The Tatapilla: No. I'm gonna get a new mummy.

The Tatapilla: The aboriginal people say, Owana. The kids say, good day mate.

He was upset one night and he said, I'm gonna tell your Mum you're being naughty. :)

While telling him stories about my childhood, I mentioned about me and my friends went for a swim at the river. He cried and told me, you're not my friend. He's very sensitive when it comes to friends as he always thought, he's been with us eversince (maybe, in his previous life tending to POS systems).

We talked of him switching daycare and told him, the new day care is Little Diggers and he's going there, he said, I want to go to the Big Diggers because I'm a big guy.

06 November 2010

Straight out of a mouth of a babe

The Tatapilla was upset with me around noon when I wanted him to take his nanna nap. You see, when he is at home he is dreading sleep. He likes to play all day if he can but I want to have some peace and quiet so I have to really "force" him to lie down at noon. Today he said "I'm not gonna marry you". That's something that I have no answer at all. Left me speechless and I was also worried that whatever I'll say to him will backfire at me. I'm sure he doesn't know what he was talking yet I am also puzzled where possibly he could have heard it. Could be from the daycare from one of the kids with older siblings.

These days he can read the book all by himself. Well not really read but memorise. He still wants me to read to him but it's more like me turning the page. Thankfully, we read interesting stories for both him and me not just about jewelry making tools, we're both entertained.

30 October 2010


Being a working Mum is tough. I even read that it's redundant. I completely agree. You're left little time to spend to your family so you tend to grab every little opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Lately, for some reason I spend less time with The Tatapilla. Sometimes, I feel guilty because I am there but not actually being there. I'm occupied.

Tonight, I have come to realise that I can do better than what I am currently doing. I have to devote more time with him. Teach him new things. We have noticed that his development has lagged a bit (based on his pace before) but I don't really blame myself yet I am partly to blame for that (I just hope it's like buying him a 5th wheel insurance for his future).

I'm turning double 3 tomorrow and what better way to spend and celebrate life. I have nothing to ask for but more wisdom, courage and strength to work for a better life for us.


Your Gift is Intellect

You are a big thinker, and you're always playing with new ideas.
You are curious about the world. You enjoy learning and developing new theories.
You enjoy researching, analyzing, and solving problems. Thinking hard feels good!
You're the type of person who finds most mental tasks to be easy. You love to stretch your brain.

I'm flattering myself again (as effective as having 5th wheel warranty). I know, I love myself too much, I'm selfish. I know that but I really like what's written here about my personality. And you'd think, I really need boosting.

I Asked For It

The Tatapilla has been continously sleeping with us in our bed for almost 6 months now especially when the cold season kicked in. I am not in a hurry to let him sleep on his own in his own room yet. I have slept with my parents when I was growing up and it didn't do me any harm. I read this one book of SEP (Breathing Room) where one says, why is it that we expect the most small and vulnerable human being to be alone while we adults seek comfort and warmth with our partner at night (or something like that). I quite adapt it also. I don't really think it affects his independence as The Tatapilla is the most independent kid I know at a very young age and very assertive of it too.

Anyway, this week I've been trying him to sleep on his own even when he's in our bed. Just him alone in the room. Tonight, I decided to lie down with him while I read a book. He got upset and all and told me, I'm going to get a new Mummy (it's like saying he wants a new job like accounting jobs). I just ignored him but I know I asked for that comment. When he's being naughty, I'll say I'll get a new Bubby that's really good. Oh well, I should know better.

16 October 2010

Simple Pleasures

The shops have new sets of rides and the best tester in town is.. drum roll please... The Tatapilla. Yes, I believe, he has tried every new rides at the shops. And he can spot toys vending machine a mile away. :)

Today, he did test the new one (toy, that is not for diet pill side effects)- so far since we went to that shop last time. He also tried the ball vending machine. It only accepts 1$ and we didn't have any, just 50c so I have to asked the staff at Mr Minit to swap my coins with $1.



Yes, we have booked us seats in this year's The Wiggles concert in Brisbane. Actually, the booking was made late so there's no front seats left - leave it to my planning mojo which is nada. We can't see any hype in The Tatapilla's outlook yet I'm sure when it's drawing near, he will be. Besides, for him The Wiggles are like one a day vitamins, keep him grovy and happy. It can also be his minder.

10 October 2010

I Know Santa Claus

Last Christmas, The Tatapilla is not really aware who santa is. When I gave him the loots and told him that they are from Santa, he said Santa is me. But now he knows who he is - exposure from Santa's photos and from other kids.

The other night, he told me that Santa give gifts to good boys and he's not being bad so he'll get gifts from Santa. I told him that we're going to write to Santa Claus to tell him what he wants fro Christmas. He said, he just wants Lellow gifts.

I have some ideas on how to make The Tatapilla's Christmas exciting. I just have to make then real. Besides, he doesn't want something fancy or some iphone accessories.

At Friend’s Birthday

The Tatapilla was invited to a birthday party by one of his friends in daycare. It was in Hungry Jacks. Well, aside from the fact that it’s a junk food shop for kids (which The Tatapilla knows really well), there was also a playground that they can use. Kids played for a bit after the celebrant opens her presents. Lunch was served a little bit late and The Tatapilla asked me, Mum are we not going to have lunch? Lol. Talking of subtleties. After lunch they played pass the parcel. Each kid got toys (not tvs or all sorts of televisions like lcd tv, plasma, etc, of course). It was a ball for them especially after getting the sugar-loaded loots.


Biking at the Park

The Tatapilla learned to ride a big bike more than 6 months ago but we haven’t really allowed him to ride in public places all on his own. He owns a bike that has handle on it, that’s what he used when we go to the park so at least I can hang on to him. Last Sunday was the first when we have a breathing room and Mcj not busy (not with technology jobs but just working around the place). It wasn’t cold so we went to feed the ducks and The Tatapilla rode his bike all over the park.


08 October 2010

MM - Hair Styles

mommy moments

The Tatapilla was born with thick mane then it was shed off as he aged. He was literally bald until I decided to shaved off his head as I believe that the hair grow thick when shaved. So far I have shaved his head about 4 or 5 times.

If my memory serves me right, he had his first hair cut in this photo.

This is close to what his hair now.

This is is recent photos. His hair is just in dis-array but he doesn't want me to cut his hair. I might trim it sometimes.

Mcj and I have very fine and thin hair so it's no surprise.


03 October 2010

Genetically Modified Formula

Aussie mums are undertaking DIY labelling of contaminated baby food this morning, after tests showed one of Australia’s leading infant formulas contains a number of unlabelled genetically modified products.

Activists in Sydney and Melbourne have taken food safety into their own hands and labelled the baby formula, S-26 Soy, clearly tagging it as genetically modified and giving parents the right to choose.

At 9am this morning, mothers entered a major Woolworth’s outlet in Sydney and Coles’ Fitzroy store in Melbourne to stage a sit in. They are demanding that supermarkets remove the products from the shelves until proper testing and labelling has been undertaken.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific commissioned a series of tests to determine the safety of a number of infant formulas used by Australian mothers. Breast milk replacement formula S26 Soy - produced by American pharmaceutical company Pfizer - was found to be contaminated with GM on three occasions, as was revealed on the Channel Seven’s Sunday program last night.

Reading this news makes me thankful that The Tatapilla is a fully breast-fed baby until he was able to drink cows milk (and tap water as we didn't contact any distributor water filter). Although, I admit that at some point because of manipulation I tried to formula fed him to supplement my "supposedly" diminishing milk supply. Thankfully, The Tatapilla never embraced anything with artificial teats.

H Cute Park Pals

Who's having more fun here? The actress and her smiley tot, 14 months, light up a Santa Monica park on March 4.

During a stroll though a London park on Aug. 26, the 2-year-old toddler takes in the sights – from up above! – with her actress mom and model dad.

One, two, three! The actor and his little girl, 4, are totally in step during a visit to Central Park in New York City on Sept. 7.

News said that kids have become a necessary acccessories for celebs these days. They give their parents another level or dimension of their personality, aura or roles. I reckon, some even with money to dispense for nannies or governesses.. they are very hands on parents and would sometimes need the best night creams to mask those tiredness that parenting brings in from time to time.

MM-Jumping Shots

I can't remember if I have photos of The Tatapilla jumping and I'm just lazy to browse around my archive. These are latest photos taken when we went to the park to feed the ducks, bike around and just so all sorts of silly stuff. The Tatapilla was jumpring in these photos to keep in-synch with his Dad.

mommy moments


FP Toy Recalls

More than 10 million children’s toys have been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the toys’ manufacturer Fisher-Price, the CPSC announced today.

The toy giant has recalled toys — including tricycles and play places — citing potential dangers from falling onto certain protruding parts and choking hazards from small parts.

“Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.” the CPSC said in a statement.

Products being recalled in the U.S.:

About 7 million Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles

About 950,000 Healthy Care, Easy Clean and Close to Me High Chairs

With news like this, sometimes you wonder who does the quality control. For toys, it should be Mums with utmost concern with their kids, they can't go wrong. If incidents or accidents have happened before this recall, personal injury lawyers Tucson will never be out of business.


24 September 2010

MM - Snack Time

When you ask The Tatapilla what are his favourite food, the top of the list will be all junk food so I’m not going to elaborate on that. As to the good side, he likes corn, sultana and any other fruit but I don’t have any photos of him munching on them.
Ice cream is his favourite also but it’s not a snack unless we’re out – just a treat. We do give him ice cream for pudding (dessert) with stewed fruit.

Recently, he’s been hooked with flavoured milk. His favourite is pink – strawberry but because of the recent bout of allergies, he is off limits with them. He can only have the yellow and chocolate. The story of the photo below: we went to the library and have to drop by the chemist to buy some meds for me. A trip is not complete until we have gone to the shops to buy him drinks. When we got in the car he wanted me to open one for him so I obliged. He was drinking it while I was driving. I was approaching the round-a-bout really fast and had to break and made a slight turn left. The milk just sluiced all over his face. I was reprimanded and told not to do it again. This is how he looked when we got home.

mommy moments


19 September 2010

Hello Warm Weather

We are in Spring now although the weather is still a bit cool this weekend. But the beaches have been opened officially yesterday - what I meant was the Surf Life Saver started yesterday for the year.

Yet, we are rejoicing the coming of the warmer weather, it's also high time to buy sale winter stuff like cardigan sweaters. I've been eyeing one in my favourite store and brand but haven't gotten the time to check it out lately. So yeah, for now, I'm eyeing these.


Another From The Wiggles

This is one of The Wiggles mighty works. The Tatapilla is currently hooked on their DVD. I wonder for how long but for now, I'm just happy that he is into them.

I've been searching for their new dvd that we might have not seen but it seems, there's none left. Lol. You see, we're really updated as we can borrow stuff from the library and from the video shop. I'm grateful for youtube and free website directory submission for making things easy.

Outdoor Activities

When I saw that male enhancement is one of my opportunities, I feel funny. I can't think of what it would relate to. I should have asked Mcj to do it for me. Anyway, that's by the by.

It's school holidays so here sharing some outdoor activities that will surely perk the kids up (from yahoo lifestyle).

Outdoor activities for kids
Footpath chalk drawing Give your kids a tub of different coloured chalk and let them get creative on the footpath. You can get involved by starting the drawing and let them finish it

Gardening: Making a vegetable garden is a great learning opportunity and a lovely way to spend quality time with your child. Gardens can be created in pots for the balcony or verandah or you might even have a small space for a child’s vegie patch in the backyard. If space is limited start a herb garden!

Play with pets Take the dog for a long run. Or if you don’t have a dog invite a friend with a canine companion to meet you at the park so your kids can have a play with their pooch.

Bike riding fun: Get the kids to jump on their bikes and head down to the local park for a ride around - ask them to invite a friend to share in the fun. A great way to ear them out so they sleep well at night!


At The Moment

The Tatapilla is munching on corn on a cob while watching the The Wiggles DVD. Mcj and I are surfing the net (and I'm blogging). It's our "me time".

It's been a while since we have corn actually. I just happen to bought some recently when The Tatapilla wanted drinks from the shop when we went to the chemist last Friday. We like corn - lots of fibers and can be a natural form of best weight loss supplements.

The Teacher

When we go to the Library - which is quite often, as he likes it there - he always ventures outside. There is a small area for drawings and there's a chalk board. The Tatapilla tried it for the first time last time that we were there. He asked the chalk from the library staff - who are quite enthralled by him - and taught me how to draw. Yeah, really instructed me what to do. It's just goes to show that kids know better that adults don't always know a lot of things if not everything (even buying extended laptop warranty). It's funny how much I have learned from my kid.

Fairy Tales Phase

These days The Tatapilla is reading more and more fairy tales. I know it's my choice but he doesn't mind it so I encourage it. He actually likes it. He's current favourite is Cinderella - we tried Hansel and Grettel and Sleeping Beauty. He likes the Cinderella most because it is very concise (you won't get dark under eye circles for reading all night).

Sleeping Time

Having problems with the sleeping pattern of your preschool? Here are some tips from kidspot.com.au:
Your pre-schooler will need between 10-12 hours of sleep at night - like adults, there's a wide range of 'normal'.

She will most likely give up napping during the day at this time.
Her bedtime will probably become later as she needs less sleep overnight
She may still wake during the night and want you to comfort her.
Sleep problems, such as nightmares and sleepwalking, are common at this age.
Your pre-schooler may find it more difficult to settle to sleep - especially after a big day at pre-school - and may develop a range of delaying tactics at bedtime.
If you have been sharing a bed up until this time, you may find that your pre-schooler is ready to move into her own bed and her own room.

The Tatapilla sleeps with me on my bed. That's not a problem for us. We like him there. We also don't have a problem with his sleeping. He naps once a day and can last for up to 3 hours (imagine how much quite time can we get). Sleeping a night is like a breeze. He sleeps late if you just let him play or be on his own. He likes talking even to himself. But he sleeps soundly as if he is coccooned in warm silk. At times, it gives me ample time to do opp on hydroxycut reviews.

Preschool, Already!

I was looking at a website to keep track of The Tatapilla's development and I checked on Toddler only to be confronted of age up to 3. I never really realised that my little boy is not little at all. He is also not a toddler anymore. He is now a preschooler. How amazing is that? It's only been yesterday, yes, I feel that way.

Anyway, I just want to share some of the facts on pre-schoolers development (taken from kidspot.com.au):
Developmental milestones:
Articulating what he wants to communicate most of the time
Speaking very clearly - although some still persist using 'baby talk', and some children cannot yet manage the sounds s, r, z, th, v, f
Understanding prepositions such as - around, before, out, through.
Asking questions beginning with "What" "Who" "Where" and "Why"?
Understanding the movement of time - that yesterday, today and tomorrow are different time periods.
Talk in complex sentences that are in the main, grammatically correct
Enjoying jokes.

How can I encourage his language development?
Continue to read (link to book reviews) to him. When there are so many other exciting things going on in a busy day, it's easy to overlook reading together but this still provides really valuable together time.
Invest in some music CDs for young children or nursery rhymes (link to nursery rhymes). You'll be amazed at how fast he'll able to sing along (and turn the stereo on, set up the CD and adjust the volume!)
Provide him with some simple musical instrument and make your own band.

One thing for sure, we do have our own band at home. And boy, can he be very imaginative. I am thinking sometimes of what course should he be preparing. I know, it's a long way off but hey, you can never be prepared, right? Maybe, it's time for me to hit the gmat prep courses? I will surely put that in mind.



Last week, The Tatapilla got home sporting a bruise only the face just below his eye. We were told someone hit him with a shovel while playing. Boys are always boys!

Anyway, this is what you get when kids mixed with other kids (and played with riding toys). I'm just thankful it's not in the eye.


04 September 2010

In Japanese

The Tatapilla has been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Japanese and he can nail it really nice. I can't find the lyrics of the version that he sings and this is the closest that I can get.
Kira Kira Boshi

Kirakira hikaru,
Osora no hoshi yo
Mabataki shite wa
Minna o miteru
Kirakira hikaru,
Osora no hoshi yo

They're taught of songs from different languages at daycare and I make an extra effort of teaching him Tagalog songs too.
Paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo
Paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo
Paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo
Pumadyak tayo at magpalakpakan

I'd like to teach him Bahay Kubo but I can't remember the lyrics. Lol. Time to save the date cards for our dinner. :)

Dangerous Chemicals

ALARMING levels of the toxic chemical BPA are lurking in tinned foods including popular baby brands, a study claims.

Consumer advocate Choice is demanding Bisphenol A be stripped from all tinned foods fed to infants and toddlers after conducting tests on a range of common products.

The "gender bending" substance, widely used in plastics and to stop food and drink tins and cans rusting, has been linked by some animal studies to infertility, cancers, heart disease, attention deficit disorder, and other health risks.

Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said laboratory samples on 38 tinned products - including baby food, baked beans, coconut milk, corn kernels, soups and fish - revealed 29 contained "potentially harmful" levels.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/business/strip-danger-drug-from-food-tins-says-choice/comments-e6frfm1i-1225913100587#ixzz0yKYGH7Ho

I try to avoid giving my family canned goods but we can't get away with the ever favourite baked beans. I have been buying heinz and I realised lately that the taste isn't better than the other brands so now I'm going back to home brand - cheap and nice.

Our everyday lives are almost ruled by chemicals, not just in food. I am disgusted with smell of bathroom cleaners - thank God for bathroom fans if there's any to abate the smell.


Who's That?

At three years old, The Tatapilla can recognise the current Prime Minister of Australia. We were watching the news last night about the fallen Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan and that's when The Tatapilla saw the PM. I'm just amazed. He can also recognise the Bronco team and their captain. He said last night, Locky isn't there. Lol. His antics really deserve wood swing set.


03 September 2010

MM - Pamana

I haven't captured any photos for this week's theme but I will love to share them with you sometimes.

I own a grey jacket with Ferrari print. It's really small and my friend used to jest that it fits her kid then. Now, I can't wear it anymore and I put it in The Tatapilla's dresser. This winter when his Dad was looking for a jacket for him, they found it and put it on to him. I was glad. See, he's just 3.

As a family, we will surely give The Tatapilla our compact KJV bible. It's leather bound given by Mcj's uncle to him. It's still in a pristine condition. Mcj gave it to me when we were still dating.

I'm also thinking of making some of my jewellery as heirloom. My mother-in-law gave me a necklace with jade pendant and I'm thinking to save it for my daughter-in-law (instead of buying them outdoor chaise lounges). Lol.

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