04 January 2010

At The Carnival

When we got to Coffs Harbour, it was twilight. We went to the beach before dinner to have some fresh air. The lights of the carnival close to the harbour was visible so we decided to go there the next day (after enough rest and getting cleaned on the sinks).

The first ride that caught Jens attention was the Dodgem Cars. I was pushing Mcj to go but he said we'll try later. Jens tried the jumping castle first and just a miniscule touch to a pony and off we went to the bumpy cars. I went. And boy, was I rattled to the max. It was so rough - people were bumping us from everywhere and thankfully, we got kicked to the side that I told the attendant we're getting off. I can't concentrate on my driving as Jens was a bit scared and kept on putting his hand on the side. I was petrified that he might get hurt.

Next stop was at the balloon vendor and another jumping castle adventure. One lady commented how brave he was to venture up to the top.