12 January 2010

Effect of Holidays

Eversince we came back from our year end holidays (no, not in new orleans la – just somewhere close), Jens had been very clingy when I drop him off at school. He would cuddle me real tight and he’s in tears when I left – him with his carer racing outside to wave bye-bye to me. He would be sulky and not in the mood to blow kisses.

Understandable as for almost 2 weeks, he only sees me and daddy apart from the strangers. He has no interactions with other kids and his carers so it seems new to him again.

But this morning, he just sat on his chair and ate his breakfast. I’ve been priming him to not cry when I drop him off as I will pick him up again or Daddy will. And I think, the pear helped as well. He was munching on it when I left. Hahaha.

Remind me to buy pear every time we go to the shops.