29 January 2010

High GI or Just Plain Tired?

He was sulky when we left home so as a "bad mummy", I gave him the lollipop that we bought last January 2 - well, isn't it high time that I give it to him. Besides we already had a bit to eat. Jens is not a licker but a biter and muncher. That's also the case with ice cream. Well, he can enjoy it now where his peggies are all good.

Anyway, we got stuck in the traffic (going to the beach for Australia Day). The road was just a plain car park for more than an hour. It's as if people are going there for a vacation (like ski vacation when everyone is trying to get into the best resort when there's scarcity of snow). Ridiculous. After around 20 minutes, he was zonked-out. I found his crossed legs cute. Don't you?