28 January 2010

One Level Up

I was advised by The Tatapilla’s carer at “school” that he will be moving out of the Blue room as they are changing the age of the kids in each room. A transition period is not really necessary as there would be two or more kids to move to a different room.

Then, last Monday I noticed when I signed-in for him in the Orange Book, the age of the kids there are from 3 – 6 or something. The Tatapilla will turn three in July which makes him 2.5 years old now. He could still fit in the Blue room which is for kids from 2 – 3 years old.

Now, I’m going to toot my horn or the family’s horn here as we believe that The Tatapilla is really too good for his age. The most tangible proof is his vocabulary and language. He can hold a meaningful conversation with people that he is familiar with. He’s been asking the question why since he was 25 months.

I know each child’s development is different. Some advanced their motor skills quickly while others lag behind. I’m just thankful that I can’t see any areas that Jens is lagging to compensate for his early language development.

I understand that for some kids, it’s not as easy as 1,2,3. And if there are issues on the child’s speech development, it is all the more difficult for the parents. Getting timely therapy adds to the burden because as parents you would like to see you child develop normally or provide the most effective way of getting help.

Company and websites like SpeechQuest offers online assessment for children aged 3 months to 5 years. There are 4 videos to view on how to use the website. After the assessment, fun activities are provided and if there’s a need for the child to be referred to a specialist, the speechquest will provide helpful information.

As a parent, you don’t have full control on how your child develops but you have the power to influence or aid the speed. Speechquest is now offering 20% off until 31/3/2010. Just enter the promo code BVT1015 when you register a child. It is not free but the cost is minimal that I think would be immaterial if it’s your child’s development that’s on the line.