23 January 2010

Over It

.. I'm really praying that.

Jens had been running a temperature since Tuesday. He went home (not a motorhome) early from "school" that day. And it went on and off until Friday that I decided to take day off work and look after him myself. I took him to the doctor then.

As a mother, I should know what's going on, right? I could have at least an idea what's causing the mercury to rise. Well I can't put it on anything. He is not teething, no ear aches, no snotty nose or coughing, no rashes. I suspected it was gastroentiritis but he vomitted only on Tuesday. His movement was alright.

I told all these to the doctors and after examining The Tatapilla, he can't give me a definite answer really. I thought, it was tonsillitis but the doc said, there's a mild infection in his throat but not really worth giving him antibiotics. His urine was tested and it was okay. Then, when we came back from the clinic, his temp was up again. Oh well, I gave him paracetamol and that was it. He's okay now.

Hopefully, that was the end of it. I'm just happy that he is back with himself again. This photo tells it all.