14 February 2010

Adult Theme Show

that we allowed Jens to watch. Robinson Crusoe - even Jens knows him and the show. Even if there are some mild violence, we were there to advise him what's good or bad. He liked the show that even if the season was off the air - he's been asking to watch it.

During the show, when a skull was shown Jens said, it was a puppy dog. And we didn't correct him to avoid lengthy explanations and nightmares.

I really like Crusoe - he's sort of a hero, quick, witty and fun. I haven't seen the part where he dived for a pig (there was no sign of cholesterol treatment there). I like how Friday talks though. There's something in it. Oh well, the family loves the show, it's a shame that it's not on anymore and from what I read NBC cut it off.