27 February 2010

No Work, Holiday

When we drove down to Sydney, I really didn’t know what to expect. It was our first time to drive that far and with a toddler, it is safe to say I expect the unexpected. I heard stories of a holidays gone bad especially when driving long distance with a kid. I have yet to prove or disprove it then.

And I couldn’t be more proud of my big guy. We travelled more than a thousand km one way and had three stops only. Most of the times, Jens was asleep. Then, Daddy always makes every stop fun and exciting. Jens complained only when we were stuck in traffic entering the city and when we couldn’t find our way as our GPS took us to a residential area instead to our hotel. That was after almost 12 hours on the road. I think he was pretty amazing.

The secret? We woke up early in the morning so he was very tired – sleep is a must for his system. Plus, lots of food and toys and lots of fun.

We wouldn’t be driving to travel in the next future but I’m really hoping we could see the Bathurst 1000 car racing. We would need to drive and possible use RV – have to soaked up to ambiance by staying at the caravan parks. It’s either we rent an RV or buy a caravan (this we won’t need service like that of good sam rv repair). This is my biggest wish – hopefully to be granted in the future.