14 February 2010

We Are Happy

When we go to the library we see the same staff almost all the time. Some of them already knows Jens. He's a favourite of one of them.

People Think You're Very Happy

People don't just think you're happy - they know you're happy. And it's true. You are one of the happiest people around. You may or may not have a lot to be happy for, but that's irrelevant. You make sure you're happy no matter what. You know how to prioritize in your life. You put yourself and your relationships first. By knowing what truly makes you content, you are able to stay positive. You bring a lot of happiness into other people's lives.

Last Saturday, the staff noticed Jens to be always happy. He always is. I've always been saying that he is a happy baby. Being a mother to him isn't difficult at all. He made it easy for us. The staff commented that it is because we are a happy family. Well, we grizzles but we are basically happy all the time.

Speaking of happiness, he is now awake so I might have to dash after finishing the colon cleanser opps.