06 March 2010

First Aid at Home

I haven't bought any first aid yet. We are still using the old ones that Mcj got.

Thankfully, I didn't get into a situation that first aid is needed with The Tatapilla. But here are my tips when it comes to disaster with your little ones:

1. Don't panic however severe the situation is. Kids will react the same. Stay calm and they will even if they are hurting.

2. Drop anything that you're doing (but safety first) and attend to the injured child right away.

3. Give lots of TLC - very important medicine of all. Can cure bumps, tummy ache, headache.. anything you can imagine.

4. Sympathise and praise your child for being so brave. It will help him cope.

5. Distract his mind away from the accident - give toys or sing.

That's all I know for now.. I think, it's more the presence and attention that will help any disaster manageable.

Hopefully, this will count in the Mommy Moments even if no photo.



judys424 said...

TLC is one of the best cures :)

nice A said...

Your number one tip is still the one I'm trying to practice when there are shocking accidents.
Thanks for sharing. My first Mommy Moment post is up.