06 March 2010

Fun Food Ideas

Although, The Tatapilla is not picky with food if I let him loose, he'll eat sweet stuff almost all the time. Ice cream, juice, sweet biscuits, etc. I am always the police, the bad guy at hom to say no and give some less likeable alternative. But that's my job.

Thanks to the net, not only we can research term life insurance online but almost anything. I'm sharing some fun food ideas I got from the state government website:

Try some of these healthy, popular food ideas for children under five. Your child may even like to help you in the kitchen.

Food with a handle – corn on the cob, lamb chops or frozen fruit on a stick.

Mini food – grapes, cocktail tomatoes, sugar snap peas, mini crackers, little cheeses, sultanas or dry breakfast cereal pieces.

Soft and saucy food – mince meals, risottos, pastas, mashed potato, thick soups or apple crumble with custard.

Fun-to-make food – pizza, rice paper rolls, nori rolls, tacos, pop corn or noodles.

Favourites – pikelets, fruit toast, yoghurt or baked beans.

Yeah, the Favourites list is also the favourite at home. How did they know? Hummm, I just have a normal kid.