21 March 2010

Guide to Reading

The Tatapilla is keen on reading. It's the favourite trantrum pacifier, the best diversion if he is letting off steam, the best bonding tool.

For toddlers here are some tips (from colesbabyclub);
Toddlers like:
- choosing which book to read
- helping turn the pages
- pointing at and naming pictures
- filling in the words of a story they know
- animals and animal noises

What you can do:
- ask your toddler to name what they see in the pictures
- ask your toddler about the sounds animals make
- point to words as you read
- take books when you go shopping or in the car
- sing nursery rhymes and fun songs together
- visit the local library and let your toddler choose the books
- try choosing interactive books such as pop-ups or talking books to make the experience more fun for your toddler
- join a 'read aloud' session at your local library, to show your child that other people like reading too!

With The Tatapilla, if the book is familiar to him, we don't end up finishing it as we talk anything and everything about every page (except muscle supplements maybe). He is a sponge as he can almost memorise every book that we read so we go to the library every week or two to borrow some - to add variety.