20 March 2010

MM - Field Trip

mommy moments
My kiddo is not in real school yet though he goes to school every weekday - daycare that is. So I'm posting some of our photos when we went to Sydney at the end of last year. It's our second big adventure as a family - such a long drive. We had so much fun though it was raining for most of the days that we were there. Places we visit - The Gap (Bluff), Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum, Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo. We dropped by Coffs Harbour on the way back. I couldn't compare even if Toronto hotels was not in the list.


simply kim said...

wow! a really busy trip, but fun just the same! nice photos... thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

field trips with parents also are very important... it serves as a great bonding time with the kids!

great pictures too! i wish to go there someday! :D