21 March 2010

Shopping Day

The Tatapilla loves shopping. Why? Because of the rides and the toys that he can play with. Yeah, my bad. We just go to the toys section and he will play with them but we don't end up buying them anyway. Mind you he knows which shop to go to. If we go to somewhere that he's not familiar with, the first thing he says "there's no toys here". Or when we are leaving, he'll say, let's go to the shop. Yeah, the shops are not shops unless they have toys or rides.

the favourite ride - big red car

one of his favourites - brushes - he likes cleaning

ball fetish - can't get away from all that display

Sometimes, it's not really fun shopping with him as he just wants to stay to his "fun" area and I can't leave him to browse on slimming wrap. Oh well, I can always bribe him with a ride when we finish.