11 March 2010

Small Conversations, Etc.

I just got out of the car. Jens greeted me and said, “We’re having spirals today”. It’s past for dinner, he meant.

The backing of my photo keyholder was removed and he was helping me put it back. His Nana called him and he said “I’m just doing Mummy’s thing”.

I wrapped his left-over biscuit with a tissue (can’t find anything handy). Seeing it he wanted to eat it again but has to go through the motion of opening the package and saying “Surprise!”. He likes surprises. I asked him what he wants for a surprise. He said, “A lellow (yellow) surprise”. What yellow surprise, I asked. A lellow Christmas surprise! You see, lellow is his favourite colour.

This is funny. He always stays at the toys section when we go to the supermarket. Last night he found a care bear inside an egg-shape container (something that can also be displayed on office furniture). When you press a button on the toy, it says “Hehehe, I’m hiding”. We were looking at the DVD sections when he came marching to us carrying two egg-shape toys. He gave one to me. He left and went back to the toys section. He came back with two again and he gave one to Daddy. I really find it sweet and funny that he thought we should get one each as there are heaps of toys there. But the most interesting part, and what I’m really proud of, is he puts the toys back and doesn’t insist us on buying them for him.