11 April 2010

Big Ears

.. for music that is.

When we went to Sutton Beach at Redcliffe last week, it was to see the sail festival but we missed most of it as we were late in getting there. So we sprinted to the market. And the big ears didn't miss the sound of music from nearby.

This is what they found - a one man band.

The guy has a didgeredo, flute, drum, keyboard - has almost every basic musical instrument except guitar which is The Tatapilla's favourite. I suppose because the music is resounding as nature and guitar makes a shrilling noise - it's not apt for soothing music. Mcj bought 3 CDs. The Tatapilla was enthralled.

When we were having lunch, Daddy saw a guy playing musical instruments for donations. This time the guy has a guitar so the Tatapilla asked for some gold coins (no credit card processing this time) to donate and requested to the guy to play his guitar. He was so interested. I think the guy was happy that they were there as there are other people making donations as well.

People passing were smiling when they saw how interested the Tatapilla.

My entry for Straight From My Camera.


Jan said...

Love your post and photos. Looks like a great day.