23 April 2010

Dressing Up

We are inundated with different experience in dressing up everyday. At times, he wants to dress himself up, at times, help is required but most of the time, he is just happy that he was able to accomplish some of the task.

As to choosing what to wear - The Tatapilla is very persistent and persuasive, he always ends up wearing what he wants. But that's not saying that he is easy to persuade as well. Just point out pretty colours and he's happy to wear what's already laid out for him to wear.

If you need tips just like me on this department, here are some (again from raising children network :
Accomplishing the task
You can help him tactfully to accomplish the jobs that are possible. If he feels you are with him and not against him, he will be much more cooperative. It takes patience.
Here are a few suggestions:

Pull his socks partway off so that the rest is easy.
Lay out the garment that he's going to want to put on.
Interest him in the easier jobs while you do the hard ones.
When he gets tangled up, don't insist on taking over; simply straighten his clothes out so that he can continue to try to dress himself.

I think the bottom line is, if it won't do any harm, let your child decide what to wear (the clothes are not loose diamonds to be so fussy about the).