23 April 2010

Is ill

I came home today and looked for him and Daddy. I thought he was still at school but they were just in the office while Daddy put the tips in. I found him sitting on the office chair without shirt. I was told he was running a temperature. He said "Hi Mum" and wanting some cuddles.

He didn't show any sign of illness when I dropped him this morning. Maybe, he came in contact with another child who is ill. Good thing, it's weeked so I can take care of him without taking days off.

He went to sleep without eating dinner - after taking paracetamol. His fever has gone down - sweat a lot despite the cool weather and aircon in the room.

I know, it's not time to fret or worry but as a Mum, I believe it's just normal to be so concerned. I mean, he is my only child. Some worry about hair loss treatments for women, how much more if it concerns your child, right?

Here's hoping for a well, mean and bubbly Tatapilla tomorrow.