17 April 2010

MM - Yellow

The Tatapilla trying on the little bags at the Macadamia Castle, somewhere near Byron Bay. It's something he can stash his contraband (baccarat cigars, NOT).

His yellow cricket bat.

Somewhere in Urunga, New South Wales, there's cafe with access to the ramp and have all these yellow canoes. Taken when we drove down to Sydney.

When the saw the MM Theme for this week, I got excited. Why? Yellow is The Tatapilla's favourite colour. But you would be surprise he doesn't own many yellow items. Add the fact that I have to scour my photos collections to look for yellow. Funny, eh? From now on, I will endeavor to collect yellow stuff and photograph anything yellow. But recently, the Tatapilla told me his favourite colour is Red. Oh dear! Talking of a fickle-minded tot.
mommy moments



By MelCole of PA said...

When I got to hop on your blog, I wander what Tatapilla means? So that's from hubby's word then huh? :) That's cool for your son to move like a caterpillar when lying in bed, he's adorable. Happy yellow MM mommy!

Chris said...

happy mommy moments! :D what does Tatapilla mean? :D

Chris said...

by the way, our theme next week is red, hope to seeyou again!