02 April 2010

Mr Independent

The Tatapilla has grown up so quick – not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

These days he puts his own socks, shoes, pants, shirts, any clothing item... he also chose them himself.

He is already potty / toilet trained although, he still wears pull-ups at night just in case there’s an accident on the bed. But he stays dry anyway and uses the potty when he wakes up.

He has become Daddy’s shadow. Where ever his Daddy went around our place, Jens is tailing him. He likes running around with his Dad and the latter teaches him everything that he is doing – introduces him to tools.

And this, I’m not really fond of. He talks back to us to assert himself. Our resort is to just give him a stern look until he gets that what he said and done was not to be desired.

He reads to himself. I read him the book once and then he can tell stories based on the drawings.

Having fun includes going the “library” park – the favourite – almost every day. He still likes jumping up and down on the mattress.