23 April 2010

Watch Out

The Tatapilla has just turned 34 months so I checked on his development in raising children network (very useful site; one of the sites that I would surely do an online backup if need be). It's exciting as he can do most them already before.
The 34th-36th months
By three years old, your toddler:

… should be able to:

identify four pictures by naming
wash and dry hands (just more than three years of age)
identify a friend by naming

throw a ball overhand - I have yet to find this out
speak and be understood half the time
carry on a conversation of two or three sentences
use prepositions - he does better than me sometimes
… will probably be able to:

use two adjectives
put on a T-shirt - with little help
broad jump

… may possibly be able to:

balance on each foot for two seconds - have yet to find out
describe the use of two objects - have yet to find out

… may even be able to:

copy a circle
prepare a bowl of cereal - oh yeah
dress without help - except the shirt
identify four colours - a long time ago
put on an article of clothing - oh yeah