15 May 2010

About Education

We are excited parents. The Tatapilla isn't three yet and we are already discussing about schools for him. Well, I just want to be prepared for this stuff. I'm sure every parents are like me. They want the best for their kid plus, I also don't want to put too much hole in our pockets.

We have already agreed that The Tatapilla will go to state school. We can talk about school again for his prep to Uni. Basically, this is the age and school category here:
Pre-school / Kindergarten: 4-5 year olds
Kindergarten / Preparatory / Pre-Primary / Reception / Transition (ACT and NSW / QLD, TAS and VIC / WA / SA / NT): 5-6 year olds
Year 1: 6-7 year olds
Year 2: 7-8 year olds
Year 3: 8-9 year olds
Year 4: 9-10 year olds
Year 5: 10-11 year olds
Year 6: 11-12 year olds
Year 7: 12-13 year olds (QLD, SA, WA)
Year 7: 12-13 year olds (ACT, NSW, TAS,VIC) (Middle School NT)
Year 8: 13-14 year olds
Year 9: 14-15 year olds
Year 10: 15-16 year olds (High School NT)
Year 11: 16-17 year olds
Year 12: 17-19 year olds

After that, they decide if they want to go to Uni or just take up some apprenticeship. We'll worry about that later too. We just want to be the supportive parents, encouraging him to aspire for something. And if he decides to take up some law program and lsat prep courses, there are always enough schools that cater that or online institution is also a good option. In anycase, preparing for something is like being halfway there.