29 May 2010


Mcj and I talked last month that we should start looking for school for The Tatapilla. For what level, I was not sure. So I rang up the day care centre and asked up to what level do they cater. I might have caused some distress to the Director as she was so intent to making me understand that they cater up to 5 years old - meaning up to pre-prep. I just thought that there's another centre behind the building, they might be catering a different system but she readily assured me that they are using the same curriculum.

So now, the worry is the school for The Tatapilla in his pre-school. I have to shop around. I have been convinced to send to a public school so we don't really have to burn our guts out (like doing more alli reviews assignments) for the mean time.

I'm relieved. But there's more worry to come or something to really mull over.