15 May 2010

Family Project

We opened The Tatapilla's bank account two months ago using the proceeds of cola cans we sold at the junk shops and we already made 2 deposits. One was the content of his piggy bank which he was maintaining for a year. It has a quite amount of money that surprised us. The second was from his weekly pocket money (just for the purpose of his bank account).

Now, Daddy is inspired more than ever to gather all the stuff that he reckon he can sell at the junk shop, like copper. He scrubed the old water heating system. He peeled the cover of the copper overhead wire. He told his friends to keep their cola and beer cans at their house and he picks it up some weekends. We are on a roll, I mean he is on a roll.

We don't have specifi goal in mind for doing this (like maybe buying a Duramax Garden Sheds). Our main purpose is to instill in The Tatapilla's mind to invest any small money that he has. I hope we'll get our message across and at the same time save some money for him until he's at the right age to think what he really wants - maybe a car? Who knows.