29 May 2010

Far From It

You Are Poetic

You see beauty, colors, and inspiration where other people see nothing.

You are a gentle and sensitive soul that craves love and understanding.

You take pride in your interesting ideas, and you feel wounded if others challenge you too fiercely. You feel most comfortable in places where you know everyone. It's likely you are still in touch with your childhood friends.

I don't believe I am but I thrive to be one at times. The last bit on being in touch with my childhood friends is no where near the mark. I am not. I have lost touch. It seems I have gone out of the sphere where we all used to exist. I have grown-up to quick and so big that I can't go back there anymore. It's ashame and I want to rectify it but I found new friends and I love them all. Sounds like apt for funeral planning but true. Just getting mushy, eh?