12 May 2010

Happiness Is

The Wiggles are really getting good money from us (that is of course if the company that uses their logo is paying royalty). Wherever we go and if there’s any toy or rides or anything that has something to do with The Wiggles, The Tatapilla has to take part in that or we have to at least touch the toy.

Last Saturday, we went to the shops and we lost Mcj. Ironic isn’t it? We were planning to go to the other end of the shops and that’s what Mcj was thinking. The Tatapilla was free to roam on his own and decided to go to the opposite direction where the big red car is situated. I have to follow him – people was staring at him thinking that he might be lost as he was walking on his own so Mcj didn’t know where we were going. He went back to the car. I paged him but he didn’t hear it as obviously he was outside of the mall. Thanks to mobile phones we were able to communicate where to meet each other. The Tatapilla didn’t end up having a ride with the big red car but with Thomas instead.

We were at the markets on Sunday. We’ve been there before and the sideshow alley was there but The Tatapilla wasn’t interested. This time though, there’s The Wiggles big red car in the merry go round. We can’t stop the hurricane. We paid 3.50 bucks but I think it was all worth it as the ride went on and on for about 20 times or so (where as at the shops you only get less than 10 rounds).
We bought him a remote controlled Bob The Builder loader and hard hat. We’re hoping that he will shift some of his attention to it but this morning, facing the toy he said he want to watch The Wiggles and play at the same time – he’s thinking of multi-tasking at a young age, maybe he’ll be different from the rest of the pack (can surf the net and at the same time read some wrinkle cream reviews, maybe).