29 May 2010

Little Conversations

While driving with The Tatapilla in the backseat, the light turned yellow and I was in doubt if I’m going to stop or beat the red light. I decided to halt so it came as a big jolt. The Tatapilla shouted from the back seat “don’t do it, Mum”.
I was feeling a little bit queasy on the tummy that I thought I’ll have roasted peanuts in shell. The Tatapilla really likes it. I offered a pea to him and he said, “No, Mum you can have it because you are sick”. Awwww.

It’s getting colder at night now so we’re starting to don our winter jammies. I own a near new pair that The Tatapilla might not remember me wearing them last season. I put them on last night and he said, “Oh nice. They’re really nice mum.” After a few minutes, he told me “Thank you Mum for buying it for you”. What can I say? I have a very courteous kiddo.

He woke up this morning wanting some breakfast. He tried to wake me up to get him some breakfast and after few failed tries (I’m a naughty Mum, I wanted to sleep in), he started to gave me ultimatum. He counted, One-two-three-four-five, now do it. Lol. To no effect of course.

I can go on and on but of course, I have to do some research on swimming pool supplies. It’s just winter here but who knows when I would need the info anyway.