12 May 2010

New Toy

We went to deposit Jens money to his account last Saturday – all the three of us. Since we were at the shops already, we decided to shop for mother’s day present for MIL and for me of course. All of a sudden, Mcj decided to buy The Tatapilla a bike. I was so against it because he already has a trike at home that he can’t even reach the pedal. Mcj coaxed him to show to me that he can pedal the bike so I will buy it. Eventually, I did. What can I do? Mcj said, it’s my mother’s day present. Something that will amuse The Tatapilla for hours so I will have time for myself or for anything that I want to do. Bribery, it’s what I call it. We also bought him a helmet (not a disability insurance) – for safety and cool appearance. Lol.