26 June 2010

So Big Guy

Jens is really getting bigger and can I say "smarter"? Yes he is. He argues with me all the time. I always run out of answers for the never ending "whys". Sometimes, I just have to show that I'm busy so I don't have to answer him. Lol.

He can now pedal is size 3 bike but Daddy won't let us take the bike to the park so we took the trike instead which was a bit big for him so we didn't go far pedalling it.

He'll be turning three next month and we plan to have just a little party at school. I can't be bothered to have a party at home - besides we don't have many friends with kids so Jens might not enjoy it. Plus, there's no cleaning of the patio furniture this time. I just hope it'll turn out alright.