26 June 2010

We need to be

You Are Warm

You are very interested in other people. You have great deal of sympathy and compassion. You are a confident person, and you're aware of the image you project. You act like you're in control even when you're not. You are not very comfortable being approached. Conversations with strangers are difficult for you. You are engaged and paying attention to the world. You are a good listener.

Winter is well underway. I'm just thankful that we live in a Sunny State so it's not that cold. The lowest so far that I experienced this year is about 10. Not that bad. It's a problem for me though buying warmer clothes. I can seldom find something that really fit me - the smallest size are way big for me (the same thing happened when my hubby was looking for diamond engagement rings). I can't want for us to go back to the philippines where I can buy clothes that properly fit me.