04 July 2010

In Public

The Tatapilla is fairly a happy toddler. He throws tantrums but not really in a grand scale. Sulking is common and I haven't experienced him doing it in public until yesterday. We were at the shops and he wanted to wear the slippers that we are buying for him and I told him not yet as we haven't paid for it. Then, all of a sudden he was angry at me and to the display counter. I reprimanded him and he went to one corner and sulk telling me, I'm not his friends anymore and to leave him alone. Whew! What I normally do is talk to him - lower down to his level on the floor and look him the eye and tell him why I was reprimanding him and what should we do. Normally it works. When at home, I just distract him of something and in a snap, he's out of it.

When in the car, he is particularly good as I have always been telling him that I need to drive very carefully as it is dangerous to be distracted while driving. And he is really good - sometimes giving me orders to go when green light is on or when to stop. Thank God we haven't been to a situation that we have to call roadside assistance.

So yeah, we are in for the horrible three now. We're bracing up for it.