01 August 2010

TV isn't bad

and we don't ban it in our household. In fact, The Tatapilla watches all the telly programs that we see, from sports, news, movies, etc.. and although at some point, there should be some scenes that he is not allowed, we are there to teach him the lesson and give him advice. At the end of the day, it all boils down to tv programs that the parents are watching.

We also watch The Tatapilla's dvd shows with him and enjoy it. When there are some interesting artifacts on telly, we encourage him to see it (even ads such as whole house water filter).
TV for tots isn’t all bad, says Duncan Fine, and the right choices can be positively inspiring - for you and them.

There are few ways to get parents confused, fingers wagging and eyebrows raised than to talk about kids and television. Should they watch any at all? Should parents set limits like one hour a day? Or is that too much? Or too little? After all, why can’t kids (like their worn-out parents) just flop down after a long day and enjoy a little down-time in front of the box?

When it comes to our kids, to borrow from a bloke named Shakespeare, TV or not TV; that is the question. Studies have shown that Australian children begin watching television from an early age, with an average of 44 minutes at 4 months building to 2 1/2 hours a day by 4 years. Ultimately it’s for every parent to use their own judgement but sometimes it can be difficult because it seems everyone you talk to has a different opinion.

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