04 September 2010

Dangerous Chemicals

ALARMING levels of the toxic chemical BPA are lurking in tinned foods including popular baby brands, a study claims.

Consumer advocate Choice is demanding Bisphenol A be stripped from all tinned foods fed to infants and toddlers after conducting tests on a range of common products.

The "gender bending" substance, widely used in plastics and to stop food and drink tins and cans rusting, has been linked by some animal studies to infertility, cancers, heart disease, attention deficit disorder, and other health risks.

Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said laboratory samples on 38 tinned products - including baby food, baked beans, coconut milk, corn kernels, soups and fish - revealed 29 contained "potentially harmful" levels.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/business/strip-danger-drug-from-food-tins-says-choice/comments-e6frfm1i-1225913100587#ixzz0yKYGH7Ho

I try to avoid giving my family canned goods but we can't get away with the ever favourite baked beans. I have been buying heinz and I realised lately that the taste isn't better than the other brands so now I'm going back to home brand - cheap and nice.

Our everyday lives are almost ruled by chemicals, not just in food. I am disgusted with smell of bathroom cleaners - thank God for bathroom fans if there's any to abate the smell.