03 September 2010

MM - Pamana

I haven't captured any photos for this week's theme but I will love to share them with you sometimes.

I own a grey jacket with Ferrari print. It's really small and my friend used to jest that it fits her kid then. Now, I can't wear it anymore and I put it in The Tatapilla's dresser. This winter when his Dad was looking for a jacket for him, they found it and put it on to him. I was glad. See, he's just 3.

As a family, we will surely give The Tatapilla our compact KJV bible. It's leather bound given by Mcj's uncle to him. It's still in a pristine condition. Mcj gave it to me when we were still dating.

I'm also thinking of making some of my jewellery as heirloom. My mother-in-law gave me a necklace with jade pendant and I'm thinking to save it for my daughter-in-law (instead of buying them outdoor chaise lounges). Lol.

mommy moments



Divine said...

Oh, how I wish I could be your daughter-in-law so I could inherit you jade jewelries. ha ha ha!

Tetcha said...

I love those gold and jade jewelries, too! I wonder who's the lucky girl who will inherit them!

simply kim said...

those really are valuable things. but besides the material values, which is unquestionable, lol!, i like the love that comes along with it..

Chris said...

wow, precious indeed! glad you can join us this week!