24 September 2010

MM - Snack Time

When you ask The Tatapilla what are his favourite food, the top of the list will be all junk food so I’m not going to elaborate on that. As to the good side, he likes corn, sultana and any other fruit but I don’t have any photos of him munching on them.
Ice cream is his favourite also but it’s not a snack unless we’re out – just a treat. We do give him ice cream for pudding (dessert) with stewed fruit.

Recently, he’s been hooked with flavoured milk. His favourite is pink – strawberry but because of the recent bout of allergies, he is off limits with them. He can only have the yellow and chocolate. The story of the photo below: we went to the library and have to drop by the chemist to buy some meds for me. A trip is not complete until we have gone to the shops to buy him drinks. When we got in the car he wanted me to open one for him so I obliged. He was drinking it while I was driving. I was approaching the round-a-bout really fast and had to break and made a slight turn left. The milk just sluiced all over his face. I was reprimanded and told not to do it again. This is how he looked when we got home.

mommy moments



Dinah said...

ang sarap nya tignan kumain!

Mommy Moments

Hazel said...

That's a cute beard :-) and what a rosy smile!

Tetcha said...

That was a cute smile; it doesn't give a hint that Mommy had done something not so nice! Happy Mommy Moments!

Jes said...

hi Mommy, it's my first time here in tatapilla's blog =P i love the name! nweis ang cute nmn nya kumain....haha ice cream tlga lagi yan pag nakita ng kids d k makakalusot hays...nweis here's mine - http://ishiethan.blogspot.com/2010/09/mm-snack-time.html