19 September 2010

Outdoor Activities

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It's school holidays so here sharing some outdoor activities that will surely perk the kids up (from yahoo lifestyle).

Outdoor activities for kids
Footpath chalk drawing Give your kids a tub of different coloured chalk and let them get creative on the footpath. You can get involved by starting the drawing and let them finish it

Gardening: Making a vegetable garden is a great learning opportunity and a lovely way to spend quality time with your child. Gardens can be created in pots for the balcony or verandah or you might even have a small space for a child’s vegie patch in the backyard. If space is limited start a herb garden!

Play with pets Take the dog for a long run. Or if you don’t have a dog invite a friend with a canine companion to meet you at the park so your kids can have a play with their pooch.

Bike riding fun: Get the kids to jump on their bikes and head down to the local park for a ride around - ask them to invite a friend to share in the fun. A great way to ear them out so they sleep well at night!