19 September 2010

Preschool, Already!

I was looking at a website to keep track of The Tatapilla's development and I checked on Toddler only to be confronted of age up to 3. I never really realised that my little boy is not little at all. He is also not a toddler anymore. He is now a preschooler. How amazing is that? It's only been yesterday, yes, I feel that way.

Anyway, I just want to share some of the facts on pre-schoolers development (taken from kidspot.com.au):
Developmental milestones:
Articulating what he wants to communicate most of the time
Speaking very clearly - although some still persist using 'baby talk', and some children cannot yet manage the sounds s, r, z, th, v, f
Understanding prepositions such as - around, before, out, through.
Asking questions beginning with "What" "Who" "Where" and "Why"?
Understanding the movement of time - that yesterday, today and tomorrow are different time periods.
Talk in complex sentences that are in the main, grammatically correct
Enjoying jokes.

How can I encourage his language development?
Continue to read (link to book reviews) to him. When there are so many other exciting things going on in a busy day, it's easy to overlook reading together but this still provides really valuable together time.
Invest in some music CDs for young children or nursery rhymes (link to nursery rhymes). You'll be amazed at how fast he'll able to sing along (and turn the stereo on, set up the CD and adjust the volume!)
Provide him with some simple musical instrument and make your own band.

One thing for sure, we do have our own band at home. And boy, can he be very imaginative. I am thinking sometimes of what course should he be preparing. I know, it's a long way off but hey, you can never be prepared, right? Maybe, it's time for me to hit the gmat prep courses? I will surely put that in mind.