03 October 2010

Genetically Modified Formula

Aussie mums are undertaking DIY labelling of contaminated baby food this morning, after tests showed one of Australia’s leading infant formulas contains a number of unlabelled genetically modified products.

Activists in Sydney and Melbourne have taken food safety into their own hands and labelled the baby formula, S-26 Soy, clearly tagging it as genetically modified and giving parents the right to choose.

At 9am this morning, mothers entered a major Woolworth’s outlet in Sydney and Coles’ Fitzroy store in Melbourne to stage a sit in. They are demanding that supermarkets remove the products from the shelves until proper testing and labelling has been undertaken.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific commissioned a series of tests to determine the safety of a number of infant formulas used by Australian mothers. Breast milk replacement formula S26 Soy - produced by American pharmaceutical company Pfizer - was found to be contaminated with GM on three occasions, as was revealed on the Channel Seven’s Sunday program last night.

Reading this news makes me thankful that The Tatapilla is a fully breast-fed baby until he was able to drink cows milk (and tap water as we didn't contact any distributor water filter). Although, I admit that at some point because of manipulation I tried to formula fed him to supplement my "supposedly" diminishing milk supply. Thankfully, The Tatapilla never embraced anything with artificial teats.