30 October 2010

I Asked For It

The Tatapilla has been continously sleeping with us in our bed for almost 6 months now especially when the cold season kicked in. I am not in a hurry to let him sleep on his own in his own room yet. I have slept with my parents when I was growing up and it didn't do me any harm. I read this one book of SEP (Breathing Room) where one says, why is it that we expect the most small and vulnerable human being to be alone while we adults seek comfort and warmth with our partner at night (or something like that). I quite adapt it also. I don't really think it affects his independence as The Tatapilla is the most independent kid I know at a very young age and very assertive of it too.

Anyway, this week I've been trying him to sleep on his own even when he's in our bed. Just him alone in the room. Tonight, I decided to lie down with him while I read a book. He got upset and all and told me, I'm going to get a new Mummy (it's like saying he wants a new job like accounting jobs). I just ignored him but I know I asked for that comment. When he's being naughty, I'll say I'll get a new Bubby that's really good. Oh well, I should know better.