30 October 2010


Being a working Mum is tough. I even read that it's redundant. I completely agree. You're left little time to spend to your family so you tend to grab every little opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Lately, for some reason I spend less time with The Tatapilla. Sometimes, I feel guilty because I am there but not actually being there. I'm occupied.

Tonight, I have come to realise that I can do better than what I am currently doing. I have to devote more time with him. Teach him new things. We have noticed that his development has lagged a bit (based on his pace before) but I don't really blame myself yet I am partly to blame for that (I just hope it's like buying him a 5th wheel insurance for his future).

I'm turning double 3 tomorrow and what better way to spend and celebrate life. I have nothing to ask for but more wisdom, courage and strength to work for a better life for us.