14 November 2010

Snippets of Conversation

with The Tatapilla. I can't remember what series is this anymore. There are just so many.

Me: You need to have your nanna nap.
The Tatapilla: No. I'm gonna get a new mummy.

The Tatapilla: The aboriginal people say, Owana. The kids say, good day mate.

He was upset one night and he said, I'm gonna tell your Mum you're being naughty. :)

While telling him stories about my childhood, I mentioned about me and my friends went for a swim at the river. He cried and told me, you're not my friend. He's very sensitive when it comes to friends as he always thought, he's been with us eversince (maybe, in his previous life tending to POS systems).

We talked of him switching daycare and told him, the new day care is Little Diggers and he's going there, he said, I want to go to the Big Diggers because I'm a big guy.