06 November 2010

Straight out of a mouth of a babe

The Tatapilla was upset with me around noon when I wanted him to take his nanna nap. You see, when he is at home he is dreading sleep. He likes to play all day if he can but I want to have some peace and quiet so I have to really "force" him to lie down at noon. Today he said "I'm not gonna marry you". That's something that I have no answer at all. Left me speechless and I was also worried that whatever I'll say to him will backfire at me. I'm sure he doesn't know what he was talking yet I am also puzzled where possibly he could have heard it. Could be from the daycare from one of the kids with older siblings.

These days he can read the book all by himself. Well not really read but memorise. He still wants me to read to him but it's more like me turning the page. Thankfully, we read interesting stories for both him and me not just about jewelry making tools, we're both entertained.