18 November 2010

Whopping 2000

Piggy banks have been used for centuries to save money, and more recently, to teach children the merits of saving portions of their allowances.

The often-cute devices are typically made of clay or porcelain and rarely, if ever, incite controversy – but, of course, that may be because they are typically made of clay or porcelain.

Thecheeky.com’s piggy bank is made of a real piglet, but fear not, pleads the site: The animals were turned into piggy banks after dying of natural causes.

“It’s a real piglet that has been taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug,” the Vancouver-based site said, using an altered photograph of a live piglet in its pitch.

Would you buy something like this for that amount? It's unique and nice and only if I have more than enough money to spare. It's not like insomnia treatments that I will loose sleep if I can't have it. But hey, if you can afford why not? It's a novelty.