28 December 2010

4th Christmas

This year is the 4th Christmas for The Tatapilla since he was born. This year he is really aware of Santa Claus and had asked many things from him - although, I gave the idea to his head on what to ask. He asked and he got them all.

He received Winnie the Pooh, a watch, goggles and a medicine kit. They are all well appreciated.

His nanna and poppy bought him a racing car bed. It was assembled on Christmas Eve while he was asleep and was put in it while still asleep. When he woke up in the morning, he was so surprised. First thing he said was, is this my room? Then, has Santa been here? Third, had this got a steering wheel? I'll post photos when I get them from my phone - the batter is currently flat.

The bed is a complete ensemble of car themed bedroom - night light, bed sheets and the bed. We were asked if we need mattress protector but he uses the toilets well.