12 December 2010

Christmas Party 2010

This is the last christmas party for The Tatapilla in his kindy school as we are moving him to a new kindy come New Year. This new school is really close to our home and if one has time, a car is not really necessary.

This year Christmas Party was like the other party in the previous years. Sausage sizzle, snow cones, balloons, a clown, side show alley. And the best thing is we didn't pay a cent. I believe, it's the centre management way of saying thank you to the parents. It's not just limited to the parents as well. You can bring guests as long as you let the centre know. It's very casual as well, one can wear rocawear jeans if they prefer. I came their straight from work so I was wearing my work clothes.

The Tatapilla had fun playing in the playground. One would thought that he's there everyday, he'll be tired of it. But no, it's like new to him. Kids! Need I say more?