06 December 2010

Photo with Santa

Sunday afternoon, The Tatapilla and I went to the shops just to see Santa Claus. Before leaving the house we talked that he can have his photo taken sitting on Santa's lap but he won't be shy and he readily agreed. He was so excited while we were queuing up but when it was time to take photos, he was in "sooky" mood. The photographer used a stuffed puppet to amuse him. I was tempted to tell her that The Tatapilla can't be amuse by such things anymore, except maybe of lollies. :)

Anyway, all went well and the photos that I took of him were all quite good.

We did a little bit of bit of retail therapy and I bought him some lollies, much to his delight. Sometimes, I'm thinking of buying him some appetite suppressant pills for his sweets-craving. It's all my fault though because I am not consistent. Oh well, that's by the by.